Institute of Financial Planning

Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) was founded in 2005 to organize and develop a personal financial advisory industry in Russia.

The main activities:
  • Training of Independent financial advisers, insurance consultants, private bankers (license 027595)
  • Consulting services in implementation of modern technologies of retail banking for the banks, investment and insurance companies.
  • Increase the financial literacy of the population of Russia (literature, seminars, consulting, games)
  • Research and development projects with the aim to study the market infrastructure, behaviour of its participants and service consumers
  • Creating of civilized market of financial advisory services in Russia and professional standards in the area of personal financial consulting. (the code of professional conduct, the list of the consultants, the monitoring of their activity)
  • Support of partnerships between financial services providers and the network of financial advisers

IFP today:
  • more than 1700 graduates
  • 250 companies successfully providing their clients with advisory services
  • 65 corporate clients (among which leading financial institutions are, such as SberBank, VTB24, MDM Bank, HSBC, SurgutNefteBank, VISA, Ulasky Finansoviy Dom, Home Credit Finance Bank, Bank Otkritie etc.)
  • 3000 events hold in 25 cities throughout Russia
  • more than 500 publications
  • partnership with leading international associations such as FPA and FECIF

The activity of The Institute of Financial Planning was distinguished by commendatory letters, including but not limited to Central Bank of RF, Federal Financial Market Service, Association of Russian Banks etc.

Contact name:

Demshina Ilona

Coordinator of International Projects
Institute of Financial Planning
Russia, 119017, Moscow
Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya street, 2/34, building 1, of. 507
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